That feeling, that damn feeling…

That moment, that very moment I placed my eyes on her sweet face, I realized she was bound to make a difference in my life. Her eyes spelt attraction and right then, I realised I had fallen. Fallen for a stranger, fallen for a goddess, an angel, oh my, words won’t tell and the heart won’t speak. An overwhelming surge of attraction.

I have loved before but not like this. Folks, I have been attracted before but not to this extent. If only, if only my heart would pull out for a brief second, just a brief second, am not requesting for an hour, not even a minute, a second will do just fine; and so if only this heart of mine would heed to this plea, and narrate it all.

Narrate the feeling, the attraction, the magnetism, the effervescence, yes… the effervescence, the effervescence of love. Not that of sodium degenerating in a hiss sound in water, NO! Not even that of potassium hydrogen carbonate dissolving in HCL, NO! It isn’t even that rejuvenating fizzy contemplated show of a popped open cocacola bottle. Nooo, not that one folks.

In simple terms, simple output, simple explanation, simple uttering and simple wording, our chemistry was far beyond any mundane understanding. Far beyond you and me. Far, far brothers and sisters, far beyond this world, far beyond Charles Darwin, Far beyond Oprah Winfrey, Far beyond Billy Gates and definitely far beyond Albert Einstein’s genius cerebrum. If this is love, then I loved, still love and will forever love you unconditionally. A dream am never ever willing to wake up from. A sweet nightmare. A craving of love.


Her heart isn’t steel

Beautiful? yes she was beautiful. Gorgeous? Oh yes she was gorgeous. Attractive? Hell yes, she was an angel. Her hair fell behind her back in a cascade. She would occasionally whip it back and forth in a sexy manner. But her eyes had probably been fed with invisible cataracts. She loved yes, but loved wrong. Her heart beat never jogged to the 72 times any heart’s pulse rate was supposed to beat. No! Damn no! Instead, it was tuned awkwardly but sweetly like an acoustic guitar. It however only played one song. Come on, not the jingle bells we are used to, not even the ‘let her go’ R & B song by Passengers, nooo. It was Jack. You read it right, JACK. I know you never heard of this song but don’t worry, I too never had the chance to hear it, simply because it only played in her heart. Only in her heart, no where else. She loved him to heaven, to hell, to mars, to Jupiter, to Saturn, to the moon and back.

His eyes were however not symbiotic to hers, he couldn’t reciprocate her love. He couldn’t love her back like she’d lusted for since time immemorial. His heart was silent towards her but extremely noisy on Dorris. Dorris was a charming lady she’d crossed paths with while in campus and didn’t even realise falling for her.

Her heart… Her heart wasn’t made of steel. Her heart wasn’t copper, it wasn’t silver, it wasn’t brass, it even wasn’t gold, no it wasn’t . it was just a sheet of muscles that broke down seconds after learning the bitter truth from his unconcerned lips. HER HEART ISN’T STEEL.